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All better, and enjoying the summer!

We finally all got well, after a very miserable week. Then we enjoyed a perfectly wonderful week, while my sister was visiting us! At the end of that week, my brother and his boyfriend came to visit us also, so we had a wonderful time! Some highlights of the week included a trip to San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge, Exploratorium, Ghirardelli Square, and Chinatown), a trip to Napa Valley, a picnic/cookout at our local park, and a trip to Napa. Another fun part of the week was teaching my sister how to knit!! Also, my brother’s boyfriend fixed us a really delicious dinner one night: butternut squash bisque (with onions, beef stock, sausage, butternut squash, potatoes, and sage), and string beans with a “ghost squash” that they grew in their garden. It was scrumptious!

This is my sister and me at a restaurant in Chinatown. We had a wonderful meal with soup (fish broth, shrimp, tofu, rice), green beans with black bean sauce and some kind of pickles on top, chicken and black mushrooms, sweet and sour tempura-fried cod, and something else that escapes my mind. I didn’t get a picture of the food (I was so focused on eating!), but it was fabulous!! Emmett’s absolute favorite was the sweet and sour cod, although he also liked the green beans.

This is from our picnic/cookout in the park. We had cheeseburgers, fruit salad, chips, and soda. Simple, but so much fun! We also had fun playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles!

I’m incredibly relieved that Emmett finally recovered from his stomach virus, after two trips to the pediatrician and five days of basically surviving off of pedialyte and crackers. It was definitely my scariest experience yet as a parent. But, he is eating wonderfully now, and has gained a lot of weight. I’m now also continuing with keeping a daily food log for him, in anticipation of his upcoming dietician appointment. (We’d kept a detailed log for two weeks, but then had to stop while he had the virus.) I’m still kind of annoyed that our pediatrician is making us go to the dietician, because I really believe that Emmett eats a very healthy, wonderful diet with plenty of food. He eats meat, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products, and the vast majority of our diet is home-cooked meals with rarely any processed foods (and never any fast food). But, he is still on the low end of the weight range (but fine on height), and I think that it’s just because he’s so active. But, I understand that our pediatrician has to make sure he’s ok, so, I’m going along with it. And I’m being very religious about chronicling everything he eats each day, so that I can prove that he is eating healthily.


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