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Salmon and Farmer’s Market Vegetables

For dinner tonight, I cooked some salmon with vegetables that I got yesterday at the Farmer’s Market! I cooked the salmon in a mixture of toasted sesame oil and olive oil, with onions, half an heirloom tomato, and summer squash. I also added fresh sage, powdered garlic, powdered cumin, and sea salt. We also had some (store-bought) ravioli, and a bottle of wine from our trip to Napa last weekend. It was absolutely delicious!

Unfortunately, Emmett (our almost-14-month-old toddler) was so sleepy at dinnertime that he refused the salmon and ravioli (even though he’s eaten both in the past, and loved it!). All he would eat was some cheerios, orange slices, and bagel with almond butter. Oh well… we have a few leftovers so he can try again tomorrow!


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Farmer’s Market

Tonight we went to our local farmer’s market!

We got almond butter, eggs, onions, dried pasilla peppers, tomatoes, some squash, and a cucumber! I also bought two beautiful honey-scented candles from a local candlemaker. I’m going to give the candles to my brother and his wife as a housewarming gift (hopefully along with some knitted house items, if I have time); they are in the process of buying a house!

We’ve decided to temporarily put our veggie-box subscription (from a local farm which has a vegetable delivery service) on hold for the summer. It’s partly for economic reasons (as an orchestral musician, I don’t get many gigs during the summers), and partly because the Farmer’s Market is so convenient during the summer. I feel so excited to have such a great local source for fresh produce!! Plus, going to the Farmer’s Market is just so much fun– they have a band playing each week, and it’s a fun, festive atmosphere. I love summers!

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