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Baby Likes Mango!

emmett mango

I guess the title of this post is deceptive. As I’ve written before, Emmett (now 8.5 months) is having a really hard time getting used to food. No matter what I try feeding him (brown rice cereal, banana, sweet potato, broccoli, apple, avocado…) he makes the most disgusted, agonized face and pushes it away. “Really mom, come on, this is just gross!!”

This weekend, however, we had a food “success”: he ate something and didn’t make his “grossed-out” face! I wouldn’t say he really liked it, but he definitely didn’t hate it. So what was it? An apple-mango puree!

This past weekend I bought a new bread machine. I’ve been really wanting to bake some bread again (it used to be a favorite hobby of mine, way back in high school and college). I know that using a bread machine is “cheating,” but as a busy mom, I don’t mind using shortcuts. So, I tried out my new bread machine over the weekend, and I loved it! So far I’ve made a basic white bread, a 7-grain bread, and apple-mango jam. I reserved a little of the cooked apple-mango mixture (before adding sugar to make the jam), and pureed it for Emmett. Success!!



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