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First Post

Well, consider this a New Year’s resolution kept! I’ve started a blog. I’m Katie, and I live with my husband Scott and our baby Emmett in Northern California. I live a kind of eclectic (and thoroughly wonderful) life right now: I’m a full-time mom, library student, and musician. I enjoy reading blogs (mostly food blogs), and finally decided to start my own. I’ve actually had a blog in the past (writing about vegan food), but this is a fresh start for me (I’m also currently not vegan). On this blog, I plan to write about my main interests: food, knitting, books, and parenthood!

I’m enjoying a wonderful break from school right now; the spring semester starts up in about a week and a half. I’ve been enjoying the break, because it gives me time to focus just on being a mommy. I love spending all my time with this cute little guy! This is Emmett, and he’s 8 months old today! I feel wonderfully blessed to be a mom; it is really a wonderful privilege.


I’ve done some knitting over the break: this is the Umbilical Cord Hat from Stitch ‘N Bitch by Debbie Stoller (pattern by Jennifer L. Jones).


I’m also trying to cram as much reading (for fun) as possible into my vacation, since I won’t have much time once classes start. It never really works to read several books simultaneously, but I’m trying! I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan (a wonderful book which I’ve been meaning to read for a long time now), Angels & Insects by A.S. Byatt (two novellas), and The Hundred Days by Patrick O’Brian. I adore the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin series! This is book number 19 out of 21, so I’m almost finished! I started reading the series when I reached my due date while I was pregnant. Emmett was two weeks late, and by then I needed a good distraction to keep me from getting stressed, and this was definitely a good one! I’ve somehow managed to read the first 18 books in the series while taking care of a baby and doing school full-time– all I can say is, these are such good reads! I think I’ve actually been procrastinating on finishing the series, because I’ll be sad when I reach the end of the series.


As far as food, I am really lucky to live in an area where there is a lot of agriculture. Right after Emmett was born, we discovered a weekly produce delivery service run by a local organic farm, right near where we live. It’s all organic, local produce, and it is simply amazing. We love it! It saves us time each week, because now we can just stock up on staples and etc. at the store, after I’ve planned our weekly meals around the veggies we’ll be getting in our box each week. I’ve been enjoying the delicious winter veggies: dino kale, butternut squash, leeks, lettuce, baby bok choy, carrots, apples, etc. This week we also got some avocados!

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll post some recipes soon!


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