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Emmett’s Favorite Snacks

Our little boy, Emmett, is doing great! He’s growing so fast (he’s now 14 months); it’s hard to believe! He’s running all over the place, and is learning a few words and lots of baby signs. It’s so wonderful to see how curious he is about everything, and how he finds so much wonder and fascination in something as simple as a leaf on the ground. This is such a fun age!

I’ve been keeping a food log for Emmett for the past month and a half, in preparation for our appointment with a dietician tomorrow. Looking back on his food log today, I got the idea for writing a post about toddler snacks!

The things I consider when I choose snacks for Emmett are:

  • It shouldn’t be too messy (especially if we’re taking the snack with us somewhere)
  • It should be healthy
  • It should be finger-sized
  • It should be something I know he’ll like to eat
  • It should be something very quick and easy, with minimal preparation
  • I sometimes use packaged baby food snack items (such as toddler cereal bars or cookies), but I try to avoid these processed foods as much as possible. In general, I use these items when we’re traveling or are out somewhere during snack time, since they’re easy to take with us.

So, looking back on his food log, I see that these are our most successful snack foods:

  • boiled egg, diced in small pieces (this is our almost daily morning snack)
  • avocado slices
  • homemade bread
  • yogurt
  • fruit slices (sliced strawberries, kiwi fruit, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, grapes, plums, honeydew melon, watermelon, cantaloupe…)
  • Healthy Times maple-arrowroot toddler cookies
  • cheerios
  • blueberry muffin pieces
  • dried apricots and prunes (very thinly sliced)
  • biter biscuits (when he’s teething)
  • Gerber Graduates yogurt melts
  • thinly sliced cheese (mozzarella or cheddar)
  • saltines with roasted red pepper hummus
  • saltines with almond butter
  • organic toddler cereal bars
  • goldfish crackers

What are your favorite toddler snacks?


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